RHCSA compleet


Voor wie is deze training?
 RHCSA Compleet  is bedoeld voor Linux Professionals die RedHat Certified System Administrator willen worden.


Na deze training
Na deze training kan je een Red Hat systeem opzetten, beheren en beveiligen. Je bent ook goed voorbereid om je RHCSA certificaat te halen.


Benodigde voorkennis

Basiskennis van Linux en Linuxsystemen en ervaring met Red Hat systeembeheer.



Understand and use essential tools

  1. Access a shell prompt and issue commands with correct syntax
  2. Use input-output redirection (>, >>, |, 2>, etc.)
  3. Use grep and regular expressions to analyze text
  4. Access remote systems using ssh
  5. Log in and switch users in multiuser targets
  6. Archive, compress, unpack, and uncompress files using tar, star, gzip, and bzip2
  7. Create and edit text files
  8. Create, delete, copy, and move files and directories
  9. Create hard and soft links
  10. List, set, and change standard ugo/rwx permissions
  11. Locate, read, and use system documentation including man, info, and files in /usr/share/doc

Operate running systems

  1. Boot, reboot, and shut down a system normally
  2. Boot systems into different targets manually
  3. Interrupt the boot process in order to gain access to a system
  4. Identify CPU/memory intensive processes, adjust process priority with renice, and kill processes
  5. Locate and interpret system log files and journals
  6. Access a virtual machine's console
  7. Start and stop virtual machines
  8. Start, stop, and check the status of network services
  9. Securely transfer files between systems

Configure local storage

  1. List, create, delete partitions on MBR and GPT disks
  2. Create and remove physical volumes, assign physical volumes to volume groups, and create and delete logical volumes
  3. Configure systems to mount file systems at boot by Universally Unique ID (UUID) or label
  4. Add new partitions and logical volumes, and swap to a system non-destructively

Create and configure file systems

  1. Create, mount, unmount, and use vfat, ext4, and xfs file systems
  2. Mount and unmount CIFS and NFS network file systems
  3. Extend existing logical volumes
  4. Create and configure set-GID directories for collaboration
  5. Create and manage Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  6. Diagnose and correct file permission problems

Deploy, configure, and maintain systems

  1. Configure networking and hostname resolution statically or dynamically
  2. Schedule tasks using at and cron
  3. Start and stop services and configure services to start automatically at boot
  4. Configure systems to boot into a specific target automatically
  5. Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux automatically using Kickstart
  6. Configure a physical machine to host virtual guests
  7. Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems as virtual guests
  8. Configure systems to launch virtual machines at boot
  9. Configure network services to start automatically at boot
  10. Configure a system to use time services
  11. Install and update software packages from Red Hat Network, a remote repository, or from the local file system
  12. Update the kernel package appropriately to ensure a bootable system
  13. Modify the system bootloader

Manage users and groups

  1. Create, delete, and modify local user accounts
  2. Change passwords and adjust password aging for local user accounts
  3. Create, delete, and modify local groups and group memberships
  4. Configure a system to use an existing authentication service for user and group information

Manage security

  1. Configure firewall settings using firewall-config, firewall-cmd, or iptables
  2. Configure key-based authentication for SSH
  3. Set enforcing and permissive modes for SELinux
  4. List and identify SELinux file and process context
  5. Restore default file contexts
  6. Use boolean settings to modify system SELinux settings
  7. Diagnose and address routine SELinux policy violations


Duur: 10 avondsessies.

Lesmethode: Live Online

Start: 21 oktober 2019

Tijd: 18.00-20:30 uur.

Prijs: € 2500,-  excl. 21% BTW

Inclusief: Studiemateriaal, oefenen op server, simulatie-examen

Exclusief:  RHCSA examen



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Voor bedrijven

Voor bedrijven

Wij leveren trainingen op maat voor bedrijven om zo goed mogelijk aan te sluiten op de vraag van onze klanten.

Offerte Aanvragen

Het vervolg van deze training is RHCE Compleet. .


Ervaren gecertificeerde trainers
Onze trainer heeft ruime ervaring als Linux specialist en Linux trainer.

Onze trainingen zijn erop gericht ervoor te zorgen dat u uw certificaat kan halen.

6 1-op-1 vragensessies met de trainer
Wij streven ernaar onze cursisten de beste studie ervaring te geven. Daarom krijgt elke student 6 keer 20 minuten online vragensessies buiten de training.

Theoretische en praktische kennis
Tijdens en na de les kunnen de cursisten hun vaardigheden op Live Online Servers oefenen.